Panelled walls

Something I have come across very recently within my own home was the challenge to create a bold feature, in my livingroom area, at a reasonable cost.

Painting a wall just wasn’t going to cut it. I’m a designer…I had to get creative.

I thought to myself  “ where can I make an impact in a big way, without undoing what I have at the moment…


This was a huge expanse of wall space that I hadn’t untilised yet! Dull, drab and painted badly (my bad) It was the perfect way to link my livingroom to upstairs. Brilliant.

Stairs and hallways are often forgotten when it comes to design…as they are not a place you sit, or cook, or relax. They are transitional spaces that connect different areas together, so therefore why not create a link…or feature. This could be as simple as frames, in similar tones to your living room or what ever room it leads to. Here are some of my favourites collated from Pinterest below…


Be aware!! Even though some Pinterest boards of hallways look awesome, think about the over all picture.

Dont over do it…last think you want it to create an overwhelming sensation when you walk through your hall, with loads of clutter…it most definitely a fine line. So be careful.

So I decided a coloured panelled wall would be ideal for our living room, to link the living room to upstairs.


Pinterest images


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