Garden Bench

I absolutely love my little ‘Bum stool’ which was made bespoke by ‘Glasgow Wood Recycling’
This will look great sitting outside my front door with my array of potted plants- such as Lavender which help to create a relaxing fragrance to create a sensory experience when you sit in the sunshine.

What an amazing find. Not only are they very well made, but are made from recycled wood, by people being trained. See link and detail below.

Glasgow Wood Recycling is a social enterprise and charity established in 2006. We are committed to reducing the amount of wood needlessly going to landfill by finding creative and socially inclusive ways to reuse this valuable natural resource.

The wood waste that we collect from all over Glasgow is gathered and sorted at our South Street workshop, we then reuse it to make quality furniture and design bespoke pieces for home, businesses and social sector organisations, anything from tables in bars to eco-gardens in schools!

Through these activities, and at the heart of what we do, we provide volunteer and training opportunities to local people, as a practical way of tackling unemployment and social exclusion.

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