Refresh your kitchen on a budget.

Kitchens are the heart of the home! So here is what I did to update my sad little kitchen without breaking the bank….

  • 1. Painting the units!

See below, our kitchen…before…
Lifeless, old fashioned, and a little bit cheap looking. I had already by this time painted the tiles white to freshen the room. No-one should ever have Yellow and blue tiles….*shivers*

Old Kitchen

and after….


Look at the difference a tin of paint can make! And a bit of elbow grease!

I actually used a grey chalk paint. However I wouldn’t recommend it! It’s very hard to get smooth, so it’s a little dodgy in some places.

There are plenty of kitchen unit paints out there now, and matt would definitely be the best choice to achieve a modern look.  I would advise removing cabinet doors to paint, as it allows for best coverage.

  • 2. Painting or changing handles

I really liked the simple shape of my unit handles, so to give them a more contemporary look, I sprayed the handles in a matt black metal paint. It looks great! But  I definitely would advise getting new. Depending how long you plan on keeping your kitchen… a few months…spray handles…as paint can flake…a year or so…definitely new. A great company I would recommend is ‘handles4u’ as they have a huge number of unique and contemporary styles.


  • 3. De-clutter

Although…you can see in my before picture…this was Christmas…so looks a little bit cluttered. I would advise clearing away as much as possible in kitchen. Contrasting colour accessories can be a bit of a headache, and add to clutter. I would advise neutral  coloured accessories such as kettle, microwaves, tea and sugar jars. As they won’t date quickly.

See…it’s simple! Not hard at all!

Happy to offer advise on your kitchen…drop me an email.

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