Creating a calm space

We all live very stressful lives nowadays, working 9-5 seems like a distant memory. I know myself, including travelling I’m usually out of the house 12 hours a day.

So I think it’s very important to have a space in your home that you can relax in, unwind and destress.

What better room…than your bedroom.
Here are a few simple steps that I believe helped me to achieve the calm space that I needed.

  1. Calming colours
    Keeping walls neutral, allows for the smaller details to have more impact. I have chosen blue tones teamed with oak to give the room a warm cosy feelings. As often a room of cold colours -blues, greys and whites, it can become very cold and unwelcoming.
    I remember as a teenager, I had a bright RED bedroom, and now I know why I was so angry and feisty! Colour can influence your mood!! So choose your palette well.
  2. De-Clutter
    Keep your bedsides and any surfaces clear of clutter. We wall mounted our beside lamps, not only because they look nice, but to keep the surfaces clear. Waking up in the morning to a cluttered bedroom can really effect your mood, and maybe even your ability to locate items easily in the morning rush.
  3. Biophillic elements
    Bringing plants into the bedroom is a great idea, it has been proven that plants, as a primary source of biophilia (i.e. wood, plants) can help your health. It’s also a good way to oxygenate the room. Lillies & Succulents are very popular at the moment, and are very easy to keep.

    Bedroom colors


  4. Textures
    Using a number of textures within your bedroom allows for warmth and interest. The most popular is a throw or rug. Its not rocket science, but using a few cleverly selected textures and colours, allows the room to feel welcoming, without all the patterns fighting each other. I love this Knot cusion!


    Heres an example of colour choice (and DIY)
    I purchased a frame from Ikea and chose a complementary colour to paint the frame before I hung it.
    The difference is clear to see, it sets off our lovely wedding photograph nicely.

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