Setting out frames

Setting out frames doesn’t have to be hard, but taking a bit of time to think about the arrangement would help you go from novice picture-hanger to interior designer extraordinaire.

My first piece of advice would be to lay out all the items on the floor. And make sure you have ALL items you want to have on the wall…adding on and adding on can look clumsy and unplanned- which lets face it…it is.

Secondly would be to ‘not over do it’ Four or five frames for a small wall would be enough (If you are making an arrangement with A3 & A4 frames like me)

Thirdly would be to create a center point on the wall, which doesn’t have to be a frame. in my case, I have used the crossing point of all the frames as my center point. and then evenly space out frames. The easiest way to do this is with chalk on the wall (or pencil) and the use of 3M frame strips! However, please make sure you use LOADS of the strips on heavy frames, and don’t end up lying in bed one night and hearing what you think id someone breaking into your house, but frames tumbling from the walls and smashing!!

Using a different range of media helps to make your frame arrangement stay fresh and modern. Photos, paintings & quotes help to evoke personality.

If your still not feeling the creative urge…Ikea have created some really interesting ‘Templates’ for frame walls which are really quite useful….but go on…GET CREATIVE!!’

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