Autumn is here! Pumpkin time!

I’m  sitting here tonight, listening to the wind whistle through the trees, watching the flames of my ‘white pumpkin’ candle flicker and fill the room with autumn scents,  it’s relaxing and I love it!
Autumn is by far my favourite of the seasons, not only for cosy nights in, but because it brings amazing colours, and flavours to the home. So lets celebrate it! Its easy to style up your home for the autumn months!

I LOVE PUMPKINS!! Did I say that out loud??
Pumpkins/Squash are such lovely looking vegetables and they can bring a real fresh feel to your dining or coffee table.

I was first inspired by Jennifer Allwood @ the magic brush to style up my pumpkins to give them a unique look. Think less Pumpkin carving…more Pumpkin styling 🙂

Americans seem to go all out when it comes to fall…and really put us brits to shame! You should definitely have a look at Jennifer’s page for inspiration!

DC1DA0CF-6711-477A-A8FE-0BF2F6196345.jpegPainting a pumpkin can be an amazing way to tie in with your colour scheme, and is definitely a chance to express yourself.

Stay tuned as I’ll have a go myself this week!!


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