Designing for yourself / Bathroom

As a designer, one of the hardest things to do, is to design for yourself. We have fountain of knowledge of styles and finishes, that actually trying to define our own needs is so tricky. So…then I thought I should write myself a brief…perfect! Create an invisible wall between my needs and my wants.

I have been toying with the idea of doing up our rather small bathroom. When we moved into our house a fair few years ago we made a few little adjustments to freshen it up and make it more spacious, which consisted of painting the panneling white, new floor and shower..

Our brief then was….quick fix, make it liveable and functional. FUNCTION FIRST.

As we’ve evolved as people, and our jobs have evolved so do your needs. It’s only natural to progress. It’s humane.

And I’m not talking about evolving to be BIGGER neccesarily, but just the brief changes….ever so slightly, or dramatically.

Tranquil – colour scheme and textures / whites greys Sage green

fitted units- for WC and sink

whirlpool bath

tiled walls contrast grout

New shower

Potentially bold floor- tile

waterfall taps

white subway tiles

This then becomes a more detailed brief, honeing in on what you need, or want the space to perform for you.

Then…hold on…what in this list is a NEED…and what is a WANT. And if your on a budget…how do you achieve it?

I’m pretty my whirlpool bath is a WANT more than a need, but this piece itself will eat up a lot of our budget…definitely. So…I will compromise on other items in the list…

Tranquil- colour scheme

standard toilet and sink unit combo

whirlpool bath (££££)

Tiled walls- only on walls needed I.e shower and bath wall. (Nearly 1/3 less tiles)

New shower- ex display item

laminate tiled floor

waterfall taps- exdisplay or second hand.

Ok…it’s starting to feel a little bit more digestible now.

i have taken inspiration from a really amazing blogger

our_wee_country_cottage which is where my feature image came from. So amazing.


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