Christmas decorations-How soon is too soon?

We all love a bit of Christmas sparkle and cheer at this cold and dark time of year right? However…how soon is too soon to put up the tree?

I am of two minds.

I like the idea of a lovely sparkly tree for the dark evenings to lift the spirits…however…Christmas adverts in a bit crazy! It’s not even December yet and Im SICK of all the cheesy rubbish adverts. So in the same therory.. I don’t want to become sick of my winter wonderland home too quickly.

I like to build up my Christmas decorations, maybe the odd rustic decoration at a time…and draw it out.

I am however…a little bit of a minimalist when it comes to decorations. Quality over Quantity is definitely my motto. I would just get a sore head otherwise.

Its definitely a personal preference, but I will definitely wait until December 1st!

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