Christmas Eve Box

I might be late to the party here, as I know that children receive christmas eve boxes now-a-days. This seems a shame to just treat the kids! Right?!

Sooo…I have created my own ‘Christmas Eve box’ full of all the things I love, and think I deserve. It doesn’t need to be expensive either, just personal….I CANT WAIT!

My box consists of…

New PJ’S
Local Glasgow bramble gin (Ellis)
Cute little Gin glass (from a charity shop)
‘Boozy Brussels’ True Craft Gin’ truffles from Edinburgh
Cucumber Cooling Clay mask (Superdrug)
Coconut oil Hair mask
Himalayan Charcoal mask (Body shop)
My fave nail polish & cutcile oil
Skye Candle (Scots pine)

What more could you ask for on a cold Scottish winters night!?
#shoplocal #scottishmakers

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