Wreaths…why just for Christmas?

Today is the day that we are taking down our Christmas decorations for another year. Packing them all away carefully into their little boxes to be placed in our loft for 11 months. It makes me sad…It was only when I was looking to take down my amazingly beautiful handmade natural wreath that I thought…why just for Christmas.

I love my wreath. I made it on the 12th of December at a workshop with Jenny at Flowermug. The smells of the natural fir trees branches mosses and dried lavender filled the room, as did the laughter and fun had by all my work colleagues.


Not only does my wreath bring me memories of that festive day, but the smells that now fills my house and sends me to a tranquil place. I would love to have a wreath in my house all year round…and why not?

This is yet another example for of biophillic design, and having something as powerful and fragrant within your home can relax and calm a space. Especially with some pines and dried lavender.

I don’t want to say goodbye to my Christmas wreath, and you know what…I’m not. It will stay in pride of place on my door until the falling pine needles drive me mad, and I replace it with a new one! NOT AT CHRISTMAS!


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