Creating unique storage

Creating unique storage ideas can help bring a bit of character to a space. Like this IKEA unit. It was really easy to assemble. I then ordered pin feet from an online manufacture based in England. They lift the unit slightly and give it a contemporary look.

One thing I would say is, I needed to add a little bit of support in the center of the unit, as the legs would take the weight evenly. So a piece of wood cleverly attached in the center and painted to match would be ideal.

I didn’t like the boring ‘IKEA’ boxes. So I found these on the ‘MATALAN’ website. They are the perfect fit, and have a lid to keep them extra tidy.

Adding a few cushions & a throw to tie it all together, and there we go!

I will be looking at creating a fabric covered foam padding for this & perhap on the wall, however we will be redesigning the spare room soon, so i didn’t want to pick anything just yet.

Watch this space.

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