Kitchen planning

Soooo…. I’ve finally finished my bathroom. And honestly if I could spend my whole day in my bath, I absolutely would. I’m so proud of it and the rearranging the sink & radiator was so worth it.

Now onto my next challenge! Kitchen/livingroom.

Unfortunately the rearranging of my full downstairs space is going to mean making sore sacrifices when it comes to furniture, as I have too many tables in my livingroom for it to be remotely space efficient. 1x Coffee table, 1x side table, 1x TV table, 1x drawers lx laptop table and old school desk for gin glasses.

So stripping this back is key to getting my space to work. As I want to make functional zones… Lounging & dining.

So i’ll start with writing my own brief… Here goes :

  1. Remove wall between the kitchen & livingroom to allow natural light through to livingroom.
  2. Rezone livingroom to create dining & lounge area
  3. Block off second entrance to kitchen
  4. New kitchen with clever storage solutions such as skirting drawers and full height wall units.
  5. Newly relocated radiators.
  6. Moving boiler to accommodate better use of space.
  7. Potentially add on new porch to give more space.

So my first step is attaining plans from council to make sure the wall coming down is not load bearing (which I’m sure it’s not) so roll on my Friday appointment at Cotton Street Paisley.

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