Something that has been haunting me for a few weeks now, is how much we are all missing human interaction – yet we never spoke to our neighbours. We long for face to face contact, and yet sitting on the train everyone has always had their faces firmly in their phone screens- never thinking to look up and smile at the person opposite you.

Late last year I attended a seminar in Edinburgh organised by Forbo & Pantone to discuss the up and coming colour trends for the year, and at the time thought none of it unusual , but looking back it has a level of prominence I would never of expected.

The slide read

TOUCH : The physicality involved in doing something ourselves and the touch of others, is also, extremely vital. One should not replace the other; they need to work in tandem with one another, hand in hand.


It outlined that although in previous years as Interior designers we had been focusing on Biophilia, and forms of collaboration…this year…2020 was going to be the year of social interaction, sheering away from the masses of technology’s and getting back to basics with one to one contact. Bit ironic isnt it…the year of social interaction has so far become the year that the world stopped shaking hands and increased virtual meetings.

Although look at this form a postive side, maybe this whole situation will makes us all more grateful for social interaction. When we come out of our ‘cages’ we will apprecaite time spent with others more, whether its family, friends, or just the people on the commute to work with you.

Lets hope that this will be the legacy of COVID-19

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