Rezoning our home- FORWARD PLANNING

Lets talk zoning!

I have to say in the six years I’ve lived in our wee hoose, we have never spent so much time phyically within its walls. We work, we travel, but how much time do we actually spend here!? Well now thanks to COVID 19- loads of time…which is great!
I think that this time both my husband and I have spent at home has given us a new focus with our house, as we are more conscious of what areas we need to work on, as apposed to want. This is also true of materialistic things- yeah we love having apple crates (thanks Lilli from ECA) in the corner of the livingroom- but do we look at them anymore? Wouldnt something more ‘fitted’ be a better use of space?
This is the key phrase! ‘BETTER USE OF SPACE’ Making your space work more effciently to be able to be more useable and at the same time, less cluttered. Here is the plans (below) for our house aswell as the problems we currently have, that I had never really bothered about before….

Existing Layout

  • Lack of natural light into the living room/lounge (West facing kitchen)
  • Isolated kitchen
  • No absolute dinning area- or area to entertain
  • Cluttered with pieces of furniture that we LOVE but doesn’t really fit.

So here we go- taking a small area of the existing wall down (which can be done- if checked with Building Control as its not structual) and rearrange with pieces of furniture that fit the space.

PowerPoint Presentation

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