Interior Trends 2020

2020 has been a very funny year so far, a bit like something from a disater movie that you would never dream of being caught up in. It has allowed people to think about their homes in different ways, and work out needs over wants. Taking myself as an example- Creating a multi functional livingroom/ diningroom with enough space saving ideas to allow ‘oor wee hoose’ to feel uncluttered & calm. CALM IS KEY!
So I thought I would give you a rundown of my top trends for 2020, and what to be mindful of when doing some much needed diy at home.

1. Earth Tones

As a contrast to Pantone of the year (Classic Blue) a good balance of warmth and comfort is needed at home. So earthy & rich tones such as burnt orange, orchre, peach or skin tones layered up with a neutral cool grey creates the perfect balance of environment. You dont need to paint your walls terracotta to make a space feel warm. If you use little accents such as cushions, plant pots and rugs that should be enough to give you the cosy homely feel without being over the top.


2. Biophillic Design

Im not a fan of calling ‘Biophillic design’ a ‘trend’ as I believe moving forward it should just be a way of life -creating a sense of wellbing within the home & work alike. Its been proven to help leviate stress and anxiety for many people.
Feeling closer to nature, weither its in the direct or indirect forms feels cleansing and calming. Oliver Heath is a great example of a designer who lives and breaths Biophillic design. I once met him in Edinburgh at a ‘Interface carpet’ talk, and he was very inspiring to listen to.
Direct : Natural light, Water movement, Solid wood Furniture, plants within the home.
Indirect: Wood effect flooring & furniture, Heavy textures, Colours found in nature.

biophillic TRENDS 2020

3. Mixed Metallics
Mixed metallics within interiors can be very obivously clumsy and through no fault of our own- myself included. Chrome as been a go to for most manufactueres of furniture/ ironmongry & accessories for so long now, so finding your home with an array of different metallics seems easy. Looking around my livingroom at the moment I can see- Chrome, black metal, brushed chrome, rusty steel (old school desk) & painted blue steel legs on my coffee table- I need to sort myself out!
Trick is to have a main metal finish- say Brushed chrome, and suppilment it with feature pops of copper with a black metal feature light?. Try to stick to no more than 3 types of metallics. This can be achieved in fabrics or even super shiny wall coverings, which are great at bouncing light around a dark space.

mixed metals TRENDS 2020

4. Rattan & Wicker
I have to say, this one has been the trend I have been reluctant to write about. As in my mind its very much- oldschool patio furniture. However I have so say, it can look really classy when done right. It can bring a nice texture to a space, and the lighter wicker/rattan colours are very ‘skandy’. I have to admit, now thinking about it- I have at least three wicker baskets in my home. they bring lovely textures & colours into cold spaces. Kate Lavie @kate.lavie has a lovely style and uses Rattan through her home. Check her out on Instagram.


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