Bathroom Renovation Project

biophillic TRENDS 2020 bathroom


Creating the right environment / Concept
Considering what you want your bathrrom (or any space) to be is an important starting point for any design. I had decided that this space was to be my ‘Calm’ space for relaxation & wellness after a busy day at work, where I could close the door & be at peace. Being a lover of the outdoors it seemed only fitting to use Biophillic elements to layer up and add texture to a space that could be bland & clinical as so many bathrooms are. I was adament that I needed to have a little tiles as possible, so that walls could be painted, and have plently of frames or planting throughtout- without the space becoming too overwhelming with ‘bits & bobs’

Changing the layout

For being a very small space, the bathroom was very badly arranged with a tiny corner shower and open space in the middle. It felt spacious but lacked personality. I knew that it could work better, and that I could fit my dream bath in. Honestly it was a hard sell to the husband, but after a bit of tweaking we finally managed to get it to work. Anything that avoided moving the toilet was a win. But essentially everything else did. The sink, radiator and new ‘shower bath was a great solution from Whirlpool bathshop as it offered a flat bottomed bath in a squared off ‘p’ shape which fits perfectly into the space.
Tucking the sink behind the door, allowed us to have it bigger with more storage underneath, and moving the radiator into the center of the room made it more effciently heated. 


Tiles are definately a make or break feature in a bathroom, especially a small bathroom. Something too bright or bold could overwhelm the space, but something too safe could be clinical and boring. I knew I wanted the floor to be the stand out feature and although I love tiles, not on the bathroom floor. So I opted for a fabulous vinyl floor from Karndean Flooring. Vinyl flooring is so much more luxurious and expressive than it used to be. It’s also warm underfoot rather than a cold tile. I loved the slightly washed out pattern on the flooring and it gave me the style I wanted. Also being glued down, was easier to install for my Dad & I.
As the flooring is bold, I wanted to keep really simple with a brick bond subway tile, gloss white to bounce around the light from Solus ceramics really simple, and again eaiser to learn no fit. 

Our Sink- not just any sink 
I have to say I was at a real loss as to what sink to put into our bathroom. With gloss white tiles I was worried the whole space was missing its feature piece, and with budget on my mind I turned to IKEA. The SILVERÅN range offered a wooden base unit with removable legs & handles which made it completely customisable, with furniture paint & clear laquer to seal it. 
I love these handles from Studio Emma which are made from poured concrete, as they add a pop of colour to the unit as the rest blends into the wall colour. 

Another element came to light when I won a beautiful MORVAH Hanging planter from Tom Raffield and I had an opportunity to hang it in my bathroom. As I wasn’t keen on hanging it from the ceiling (as I have wood clad ceiling) I bought an ikea bracket to use instead.  And it looks great!  I have filled it with Ivy & Ecualptus plant as it has a lovely grey tint to its leaves. So calming & lovely. 


Now I have my space to relax & unwind…I need to move onto the next exciting project.  x

logo- flat small
Photography by Lee Davidson Connor Photography  Lou

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