Man Cave project

PowerPoint Presentation

So… Here’s my plan. We’ve gained a fair bit of space in the bedroom after we’ve had the water tank removed. So I offered this space to my Husband (lucky him) as additional storage for his photography equipment & anything else we could think of. It’s a small space, however we wanted to plan it out to make the most efficient use of it.

‘What type of stuff’ … Obtaining your brief

Lou to Lee: Firstly “what’s going in the cupboard / man cave

Lee to Lou: shoes/walking boots, photography bags and clothes

Defination of Mancave from English dictionary:
a part of a house, or a small building near a house, where a man can go to get away from the other people in the house and do the things he wants to do.

In our case, it’s more of a storage place, as my husband is so much more organised than me, and I wanted him to have a place free of my junk. ♥️

So once you know what your filling your space with you can work out how you’ll access it- drawers, rails, hooks, shelving etc.

We’ve opted for :

  • wall mounted shoe rack
  • wall mounted rails x2
  • plywood peg board for bag hooks (for fun) shelving would give us the type of storage we need.

Painting the space out white will make it feel brighter and more


PowerPoint Presentation

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