2020 the year of personal revolution

Isle of bute–where I feel at home

Wow its been a very strange year. 2020 is a year of reflection, emotion, motivation & creation.

Taking a moment to step back from the rat race and the struggle to stand out and be counted. It has almost levelled the playing field, giving us all a chance to take stock of the important things to us all.

For me; Wellbeing, family and home-where ever that may be.

Home doesn’t have to be simply where you live, but where you feel at peace and relaxed. Where you can truly be yourself without judgment or troubling thoughts.

Working 9-5 in a busy bustling city was never going to be my ideal place when I love being submerged in the Scottish countryside, however I feel it makes me appreciate it more when I can be there. Rambling rivers and combing rocky beaches for life fuels my being and brings me so much happiness even on the dullest days.

Where can you say you are truly happiest?

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