Hygge & coorie

After a candid conversations with some work colleagues realising that out of us all… I was the only one who knew what ‘coorie’ was….regular term used at home. I realised the modern trendy term of hygge (hopefully not offending Scandinavians) which everyone has been talking about… Is something alot of us embrace in everyday homes across Scotland and the world alike.

 “to snuggle, nestle.” It has been appropriated and positioned as a “lifestyle trend,” similar to the Scandinavian concept of hygge, which involves ideas such as cosiness.

‘coorie up’ was always a popular term heard when growing up. Snuggling in with a wooly blanket in front of the sofa with mum. Always a good way to unwind.

Creating a safe place. A cosy plaxe that you feel like home. Essentially what we all aspire for is coorie or hygge.

Using throws, cushions, textures to evoke warmth and personality are the,’art of coorie’

Coorie up folks x

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