RIBA House of the Year

It truly doesn’t surprise me that a house in the Scottish Highlands has been awarded RIBA house of the year. I might be slightly biased, as I come from Scotland, however I think that it is a very inspiring part of the world and I feel that the space compliments the surroundings perfectly. Designers should think of the context to which their building / space … Continue reading RIBA House of the Year

Christmas decorations-How soon is too soon?

We all love a bit of Christmas sparkle and cheer at this cold and dark time of year right? However…how soon is too soon to put up the tree? I am of two minds. I like the idea of a lovely sparkly tree for the dark evenings to lift the spirits…however…Christmas adverts in November..is a bit crazy! It’s not even December yet and Im SICK … Continue reading Christmas decorations-How soon is too soon?

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Designing for yourself / Bathroom

As a designer, one of the hardest things to do, is to design for yourself. We have fountain of knowledge of styles and finishes, that actually trying to define our own needs is so tricky. So…then I thought I should write myself a brief…perfect! Create an invisible wall between my needs and my wants. I have been toying with the idea of doing up our … Continue reading Designing for yourself / Bathroom

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How to antique a mirror! Easy!

I love an antiqued mirror, they are very much in style right now, and buying them from interior shop can cost a fortune….however charity shops are full of unloved mirrors…why not create your own! It’s so much fun, and very easy. Every mirror comes out different, and this is due to the properties of the black paint on the back of the mirror itself. The … Continue reading How to antique a mirror! Easy!

Autumn is here! Pumpkin time!

I’m  sitting here tonight, listening to the wind whistle through the trees, watching the flames of my ‘white pumpkin’ candle flicker and fill the room with autumn scents,  it’s relaxing and I love it! Autumn is by far my favourite of the seasons, not only for cosy nights in, but because it brings amazing colours, and flavours to the home. So lets celebrate it! Its … Continue reading Autumn is here! Pumpkin time!

Supporting Scottish Artists

Within our homes we like to have quirky and timeless curios that evoke personality and have an interesting story. Emma Studio is an amazing Edinburgh based artist who creates unique and interesting vases’ and interior pieces from coloured cast concrete. I think they are charming, and a great way to bring colour into any space. It also makes me feel good to know that I … Continue reading Supporting Scottish Artists

Refresh your kitchen on a budget.

Kitchens are the heart of the home! So here is what I did to update my sad little kitchen without breaking the bank…. 1. Painting the units! See below, our kitchen…before… Lifeless, old fashioned, and a little bit cheap looking. I had already by this time painted the tiles white to freshen the room. No-one should ever have Yellow and blue tiles….*shivers* and after…. Look … Continue reading Refresh your kitchen on a budget.