[ Hi ] I’m little designer Lou

Hi there, My name is lou! I am an interior designer based in Glasgow, Scotland. I wanted to create a blog to inspire anyone to create unique features within their own homes and gardens to help you express who you are. It doesn’t have to be expensive or tricky, and even the smallest things can make a huge difference to your interior, and  yourself. It’s … Continue reading [ Hi ] I’m little designer Lou

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Unique Hanging Baskets

I hate hanging baskets….there I said it! In my opinion they are boring, unimaginative, and largely associated with the older generation. However, I know hanging baskets are all about the beautiful flowers, and bursts of colour. I get it! But why just make it about the flowers? I think anything that you hang outside your home should be an expression of yourself. Take little designer … Continue reading Unique Hanging Baskets