Unique Hanging Baskets

I hate hanging baskets….there I said it! In my opinion they are boring, unimaginative, and largely associated with the older generation.

However, I know hanging baskets are all about the beautiful flowers, and bursts of colour. I get it!

But why just make it about the flowers? I think anything that you hang outside your home should be an expression of yourself.

Take little designer Lou for example. Being an interior designer, I have an insight into trends and design movements. At the moment industrial chic is still very big.   Rusty oranges and steel blue greys are still at the forefront of what people want. (and what I love)

Something else that is catching all designers eye at the moment is biophillic design…

Biophilia (meaning love of nature) focuses on human’s innate attraction to nature and natural processes. It suggests that we all have a genetic connection to the natural world built up through hundreds of thousands of years of living in agrarian settings -Oliver heath

Basically nature’s colours and textures such as woods, plants, or even heavily textured wallpapers allow us to destress and refocus….pretty strange eh? But it totally works.

So with this in mind, what better way to express my creativity than creating a unique hanging basket, inspired by industrial chic & biophillic design….



I even used items I had within reach and upcycled, which makes me even happier!

  • Whiskey barrel ring ( from an old plant pot)
  • moss
  • succulent plants & ivy (B&Q)
  • chip mesh (eh…yeah)
  • garden twist wire
  • soil


I absolutely love my new hanging basket, and I have it in pride of place in my garden, as an expression of the things I love. I think Kirsty Allsopp & Sarah Moore would be proud of a creation like this…even if I say so myself.

Give it a go! And send me your pics on Instagram


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