How to antique a mirror! Easy!

I love an antiqued mirror, they are very much in style right now, and buying them from interior shop can cost a fortune….however charity shops are full of unloved mirrors…why not create your own! It’s so much fun, and very easy.

Every mirror comes out different, and this is due to the properties of the black paint on the back of the mirror itself. The older the mirror the better, as when the black paint melts away it creates richer colours on the mirror, modern mirrors from ikea etc paints strip off too easy, and don’t distort the glass.

I have a few exciting projects involving antiquing some retro mirrored tiles, removed from a relatives bathroom, and a fairly modern mirror the same height as me..which I will be experimenting to show you the difference between them. Stay tuned!

All you need is….

bottle of paint stripper (B&Q)

rubber gloves

painting sheet

a mirror

a well aired room (as the chemicals can be very strong)

paint stripper knife (B&Q)

Bottle of paint stripper-

3 thoughts on “How to antique a mirror! Easy!

    1. Hi Pauline,
      The mirror will look a little scratched, however if you leave the paint stripper on long enough it should come off easy.
      If the mirror is newish the paint on the back may be thicker so leave for much longer. X


  1. Sorry me again also I brought the ikea mirror tiles and finding it very hard to get the back paint of.


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